Mini payday loan without papers.

How useful it would be if a mini payday loan could take out without papers. Good news: now you can! You don’t need papers, just a PC with an internet connection. Read quickly how and what. More of this story:

What are the facts when it comes to a paperless mini payday loan?

What are the facts when it comes to a paperless mini loan?

You probably have good reasons to look for a mini payday loan without papers or paperwork:

– You have no income or no proof of that

– You are in a great hurry

– You have it, but it’s on your computer and you don’t have a printer

– You have it on paper, but you don’t have a scanner

Okay, that’s right, but now what?

Okay, that

Fortunately, you can go online very well. There are lenders who offer an undocumented mini payday loan.

The application process for the mini payday loan without papers is very easy.

– You are looking up the site of a lender of an undocumented mini-loan

– You fill in an application form (without papers, of course) on the website

– You will hear within a few minutes whether your loan has been approved.

– They transfer the money to your account within 10 minutes – upon approval of your application

You may have to email some info, but you don’t have to send it.

Where can I find these providers for an undocumented mini-loan?

Where can I find these providers for an undocumented mini-loan?

1) The most reliable providers actively advertise on the internet

2) Sometimes you recognize them because they offer borrowing very easily. Think of money without madness, borrowing without hassle, etc.

3) You will not find them on vague advertising sites where they advertise with a gmail or hotmail address. If you come across something like this, you know right away: this is a scam!

4) You will not find them on the internet forums where private individuals ‘help’ you with a loan.

Can I also arrange a paperless mini payday loan on weekends?

Yes, also on Saturdays there are lenders who offer an undocumented mini-loan. This is especially useful if you have an unexpected financial dip on the weekend.

Are there risks to an undocumented mini payday loan?

Risks apply to every financial product. The same risks apply to an undocumented mini-loan as to any other mini-loan.

Broker in payday loans

Looking through the offers of payday loans (even dozens of proposals presented on our website), we can have the impression that in some cases we are dealing with very similar, or even the same loans.

The maximum amount, repayment period, free loan amount, interest and commission, conditions for obtaining payday payment and formalities, extension fee, the content of the contract and regulations – everything is the same. The only thing that allows us to state that we are not dealing with copies of one website is the website layout and contact details.

Although here there is no rule, our impression is not unfounded

At the very bottom of the page or in the ‘About’ tab you will find information to which company a given website belongs to. For example, on the Polish non-banking market, the Ferratum Bank group includes the Express Credit and TALK brands. is also its intermediary.

Payday loans are granted according to the same rules in all these brands. Another example of brokerage is associated with the company’s C-finance and S-Loan.

In the first structure we will find companies such as Lend and Extra Credit and in the second – Plus Lending. In these cases we are dealing with different offers, but the terms and conditions for their provision are almost identical.

Brokerage in payday loans

Brokerage in payday loans

What does it mean for us, as customers, that a non-banking company acts as an intermediary for another brand? First of all, if one lender accepts your application negatively, then we will not get payday pay at the other.

Another “inconvenience” associated with the brokerage in the loan industry is that if we pay back payday loans in one company, the other will reject our application because you cannot have two loans at the same time.

Get payday loans for free

Get payday loans for free

As new clients, we will not get payday loans for free when we have already received a free loan from one of the brokers. For example, when we used the offer at Express Loan, and then we would also like to repair the wallet balance as a new customer, unfortunately, we are not entitled to pay a 0% payday loan.

Mortgage loan – what is it?


A mortgage is a very popular form of financing investments related to the purchase of an apartment or other real estate, hence the banking offer regarding this product is very popular. The biggest advantages of the loan are: favorable repayment conditions, long repayment period and the ability to cover a significant part of the costs of the planned investment. In the opinion of financial analysts and customers, a mortgage is cheaper to pay than a loan. Importantly, like a mortgage, a mortgage has a very long repayment period, even 20-30 years. The similarity between these products also applies to the amount that can be obtained – it is close to the value of the property or car that we plan to buy.

Mortgage and loan – what are the differences?

Mortgage and mortgage - what are the differences?

There are also significant differences – the mortgage loan is granted by the bank for any purpose against a given property, and in the case of a loan the applicant must provide a detailed purpose and spending plan. It is worth knowing that when applying for a loan from a bank, it is requested to transfer “live” cash that is traded within the meaning of the Civil Code, and the loan is to finance the investment under banking law.

The biggest disadvantage of a mortgage loan is the time-consuming procedures related to establishing a mortgage, ie a bank security in the event of the borrower defaulting on repayment. It is the “paralyzing” risk of losing property, which you sometimes work for many years, means that many people do not ultimately decide to sign a contract with the bank. It is certainly a step that requires a lot of responsibility, which should be taken after analyzing all other possible options for obtaining cash for a given purpose. Such risk always exists, despite the banks taking complex assessments of the borrower’s ability to determine the maximum value of the loan.

How to apply for a mortgage ?

Mortgage and mortgage - what are the differences?

There are situations that an application rejected by one bank will be accepted by a competing institution. Generally, however, people with a stable financial situation should apply for a mortgage so that they can bear the risk of repayment for several decades. Returning to the advantages of the product, which is a mortgage, it is worth analyzing the degree of annual interest rate in the offers of various banks to pay as little as possible. Interest rates are calculated differently by different banks, taking into account margins and economic realities determined by current economic forecasts. It is known that the mortgage repayment period is usually long, sometimes even 30 years. It is good to be aware that due to this, capital installments are lower, and the borrower ‘

Loans of this type are only granted to natural persons

Loans of this type are only granted to natural persons

The average loan period characteristic for this type of loan ranges from 20 to 30 years. Borrowing loans allow for financing up to 90% of the property value. Some loan offers of this type allow the option of allocating a certain percentage of the loan for non-business consumption purposes, eg.: Bank allows the customer to spend 20% of the loan granted for this purpose.

Housing loans can also take the following forms:

  • Construction and mortgage loan: the loan period is 40 years, the amount granted covers 80% of the property value;
  • Tenant loan – for people who do not have a mortgage, and they need funds for the renovation of a rented apartment;
  • A consolidation loan, ie one that not only allows you to obtain the necessary funds for residential purposes, but which allows you to repay existing obligations.

When deciding to take this type of loan, carefully check the offer. An important element of this type of loan is insurance against permanent loss of employment. these are special programs that allow you to suspend loan repayment for a given period of time. Most often it is a period of 1 to three months. Before we sign the contract, let’s find out for ourselves about this option. Sometimes banks do not provide detailed information on repayment or loan conditions.

Before we finally decide to make such a commitment, let’s also find out how high the commission is. The most profitable solution for us is of course the offer in which the commission is not charged. Some banks very often introduce this innovation to make their credit offer more attractive. Thus, interest in it increases.

Personal Finance: Main financial products – Paying credits

Personal finance is a key issue for everyone entering the world of work. But not only for them, since this topic even transcends the university area. The explanation can be found in the following data.

A 2017 Injuv study reveals that 35% of young people report having a credit card. Of that percentage, 48% are between 25 and 29 years old. The alarming thing is that according to this same study, 74% of not know what a financial product is, 80% of not know what indebtedness is and 75% of not know what interest rates consist of. To get into the world of personal finance then we are going to review the main related products.

What financial products are there?

Below we will review 5 financial products that you must know very well to manage your finances in the best way.

1) Current account

A checking account is one that a bank opens in your name and gives you access to a variety of financial products such as credit cards, checkbooks, among others.

It allows you to deposit your salary or other income through deposits, as well as carry out different operations such as paying online, transferring money, paying credits, insurance, etc. The money in your checking account can be drawn through the debit card that the bank gives you when you open your account.

If you want to know everything about this financial product, go to the Current Account section of Compare. After you are informed you can quote and request the opening of the account that suits you best in our current account quote.

2) Credit card

money cash

Credit cards can be great allies in your finances, but they can also be a nasty enemy. That’s why it’s important to know all the terminologies of this key financial product to avoid negatively impacting your personal finances.

As we saw at the beginning, 35% of young people already have a credit card, but many of them do not even know the basic terms of this financial product such as: interest rate, minimum payment, commissions and monthly and annual maintenance costs.

To know all this you can review an article that we have prepared with everything you need to know about credit cards.

Remember that, as the Sernac campaign explains, it is always important to quote before choosing a financial product. On our Compare site you can compare between the different card offers in Chile and request it online.

3) Savings account

A savings account is one that offers you a financial institution to save your money. They are not only offered by banks but also by other types of financial entities such as cooperatives or clearinghouses.

There are different types of savings accounts such as the savings account for housing or to make time deposits. There is also the option of a normal savings account. It is always good to keep your money in savings accounts and not under your mattress or in a safe, since with annual adjustments the money devalues, instead, financial institutions apply interest to your money so that it continues to maintain the value of the current year .

In general, all these accounts are subject to adjustments and interest, but not all, so we recommend that you compare all the options available in the market in Compare.

4) Automotive insurance

When you buy your first car it is always important that you take into account all the costs that go hand in hand with this product. Benzine, patent, Circulation Permit and one of the most important: automobile insurance.

Automotive insurance is a group of coverages that are contracted to protect your car from the expenses caused by accidents or the partial or total theft of the vehicle.

In Compare you can quote your auto insurance at no cost by reviewing all the coverages and assistance offered by the main insurance companies in Chile.

5) Savings for your retirement

money cash

Another important point to consider within your personal finances is your long-term investments. Among them are the savings that you have to make for your retirement through the Pension Fund Administrators better known as AFP.

It is important that you inform yourself as best you can before joining a company. Among the things you should compare are the monthly commission charged by the AFP, as well as a good understanding of the different Funds ranging from the most risky (A) to the least risky (E).

In Compare you can also quote the entire AFP offer and understand in depth what this key financial product for your future consists of.

Special repayment loan – fixed interest rate

Taking out a loan always involves careful planning of the available funds. Borrowers often deliberately choose a loan with a special repayment. This means that additional, unspecified funds can be paid to the lender. However, this option is often only possible if it has been contractually agreed beforehand.

Special payments for installment loans

Special payments for installment loans

An installment loan has a comparatively short term with fixed monthly installments and a fixed interest rate. A loan with a special repayment can help to reduce the agreed term or to replace the contract early. With many loans, special payments can often only be made once a year. The conditions are stored in the contract or must be agreed with the lender.

The exception is the installment loan. It may be terminated by the borrower after a minimum term of six months and redeemed early. No further fees may apply. For other contracts, so-called prepayment penalties can be claimed. These are fees that the lender, according to the contract, charges for loans canceled early.

Check conditions

Check conditions

The situation is different, for example, with mortgage lending. Of course, this form is also available as a loan with special repayment. And here, too, the possibility is often given to additionally pay in unexpected or saved funds. Fixed framework conditions are specified. In many cases, the amount of the special services may not exceed a certain percentage. There are clauses that allow payments of five to ten percent per year . Agreements that no more than 25 percent of the total amount may be made as special repayments are also common during the fixed interest period.

To negotiate a special repayment contract, lenders often raise the interest rate. This can lead to an increase of around 0.1 percent depending on the provider. Therefore, each borrower should carefully examine the conditions and their suitability before agreeing a special repayment.

4 When You Should Cancel Your Credit Card

There are several reasons that sometimes make it necessary to cancel your credit card. Do you make plans to cancel yours? In this article we explain in detail what you need to know to do it without complications.

The decision to cancel your credit card may come from purely personal reasons, but there are situations where it becomes imperative.


1. In case of card theft

card theft

One of the situations is in case of theft. Mariana, for example, made Erasmus in Rome and decided to be accompanied by her credit card. On a night of socializing with his new friends, he was distracted for a moment, and when he realized his wallet was gone, along with his card.


2. In case of loss

card loss

Henry, distracted as he was, had no idea where his card might be. He searched, searched, and did not find him. The card might have been lost in some backpack, at a friend’s house, or it might even have fallen from his pocket in the middle of the street. Tired of searching, decided to cancel it.


3. If you think you were (or may have been) a victim of fraud

3. If you think you were (or may have been) a victim of fraud

In these situations you have to be careful as your card may be in the wrong hands to be used for a variety of purposes. It is necessary to be careful, because even if you have it in your hands, it may have been “stolen”, because it is enough for thieves to access the information in it to use it.


4) If it is not the right card for you

credit cards

If you are considering canceling your card because you are just taking up space in your wallet, you probably don’t have the right product.

If, for example, you earn miles but do not like to travel; partner stores of the financial institution are far from your preference; What’s more, you’re interested in cashback but your card doesn’t offer it… maybe it’s time to cancel it and switch to a more suitable one.


The best thing to do is to cancel the card you have

The best thing to do is to cancel the card you have

Canceling the card is simple: just let the bank know your decision. In most cases you can do this over the phone, although this may vary from bank to bank. You should contact the number on the back of the card. If you don’t have it, check your bank’s page. If this is an urgent case, such as loss or theft, you can and should request immediate card lock.


Find the card that gives you the most benefits in two minutes

credit cards

Undoubtedly, if used carefully, a credit card can have great advantages: although it can be repaid immediately after being used, it also serves as a monthly loan in your wallet.

Depending on the card, you can still qualify for insurance fraud, travel insurance and even health. In addition to insurance, earn airline miles for each purchase you make, as well as cashback , points and discounts to use on partners.

There is a varied offer in Portugal, from which you can choose the one that meets the conditions you are looking for and that make the most sense for you.

Credit for civil servants on revocation – Withdrawal credit for civil servants

If you are an official on revocation and would like to fulfill some bigger wishes, taking out a loan could be worthwhile for you. Of course, as a civil servant you do not yet have the desirable “lifetime status” on revocation, but if you do not let yourself get into debt, you will soon be taken on in this civil servant relationship. For this reason, it is advantageous to start planning the future now and to make dreams come true – whether it is a home, a luxury car or a vacation in the Caribbean.

Withdrawal credit for civil servants – you must meet these requirements

Withdrawal credit for civil servants - you must meet these requirements

In order to receive a revocation loan for civil servants, you should meet certain criteria. This includes a fixed income and a crisis-proof job that you have as a civil servant. Apart from that, it is important that you have not yet made any debts and that your Credit Bureau is “clean”. If everything is correct, there is nothing standing in the way of a revocation loan for civil servants.

Although you don’t get a regular civil service loan, it is still possible to negotiate favorable terms and interest rates. After all, your job is more crisis-proof than any other – and the banks are well aware of that. It is therefore not necessary to wait for a lifetime to take up borrowing; if you want, you can take out a loan right now.

Credit for civil servants on revocation – favorable terms are important

Credit for civil servants on revocation - favorable terms are important

Even if you have a good and safe job, you shouldn’t spend more money than necessary. For this reason, it is worthwhile to carry out a comparison on the Internet and look for the best offer before taking out a loan. After all, there are now many online banks that offer more favorable conditions than conventional branch banks. But be careful: don’t let extremely low interest rates tempt you when you revoke a loan for civil servants.

Although favorable interest rates are advantageous, you should also pay sufficient attention to the other conditions. It is very important that the length of the term and the monthly installment match your circumstances and do not represent an additional burden. Interest rate, term length and monthly installments – if these three criteria are correct, you will be very satisfied with the loan for civil servants on revocation.

Credit restructuring – terms you should know


Most of us have some financial obligations. Most often they are loans, purchases in installments or credit cards. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that our financial situation deteriorates and loans that were not a problem for us earlier, can suddenly become a heavy burden. In this situation, you can restructure your commitments and its conditions can be tailored to your needs. What is loan restructuring and how does it work? Advise.

What is loan restructuring?

What is loan restructuring?

Restructuring is an increasingly common financial product designed to help people who have several financial obligations. Thanks to the restructuring, we can avoid falling into a debt loop and get installments easier to pay. The loan restructuring involves changing the terms of repayment of existing financial liabilities. The bank adapts the terms of the old contract to the current financial capabilities of its borrower, which can significantly facilitate repayment.

Credit restructuring terms

Credit restructuring terms

We can restructure our commitments in several ways. It comes in many forms and we can tailor its operation to your current needs. The most common forms of restructuring are:

Extension of the repayment period

 Extension of the repayment period

By extending the repayment period, the borrower can obtain lower monthly installments that will be easier for him to repay. It is a solution for people whose financial situation has suddenly deteriorated and it is not known whether it will return to normal. It should be remembered, however, that the longer the repayment, the greater the interest we have to pay. However, this may be the only solution for people who are no longer able to pay their debts and loan installments are far too high for them. Extending the loan period and reducing the monthly installment amount can be a great relief and reduce the household budget.

Credit holidays

 Credit holidays

Credit holidays are one of the most popular forms of loan restructuring. They consist in the fact that the bank allows us to stop paying off the loan installments for a short time and take a break from repayment. Such holidays usually last three months, and after that time we must continue to repay the loan along with the interest accrued during the credit holidays. The length and terms of such restructuring are determined individually and the borrower’s preferences and possibilities are taken into account. It is a solution for people who are only struggling with temporary financial problems. If you are sure that in a few months your financial situation will return to normal, then for the time of problems you can apply for a loan holiday.

Home loan – what is it at all?



A housing loan, also known as a mortgage, is one of the most popular forms of financial support provided by banks in connection with the purchase of an apartment or house. The advantages of this form are generally well known: the possibility of financing up to 90 percent of the property value, a very long repayment period, even up to 35 years, and flexible repayment options, including the choice of equal installments.

A housing loan is mistakenly mistaken for a mortgage loan. The latter form of financing does not allow for financing the entire cost of buying a home and at the same time does not allow for various maneuvers, such as switching to another bank, if the current conditions no longer suit us.

Home loan, mortgage or something else?

Home loan, mortgage or something else?

The difference between a home loan and a loan relates to the legal basis for the functioning of these products on the financial services market – the loan is marketed within the meaning of the Civil Code, and the housing loan is granted under banking law. The similarity applies to the pledge made by the borrower, ie the property rights to the premises. In the event of loss of financial liquidity, which may be caused by job loss or a random accident, the bank becomes the owner of the pledged property.

Due to the enormous financial responsibility that accompanies the signing of the loan agreement, anyone interested must familiarize themselves with the fundamental term, which is creditworthiness. Creditworthiness is an estimated analysis carried out by banks to determine the amount that can be awarded to a person applying for a home loan. These estimates depend on such factors as: the loan period, the currency of the housing loan, the level of fixed monthly income, the method of obtaining income, the cost of maintaining the flat purchased, the number of dependent families and the state of other financial liabilities.

Which home loan should you choose?

Which home loan should you choose?

In the era of competition on the market of banking products, it is not difficult to observe the pursuit of maximum flexibility in the approach to attract the largest number of customers. Since the borrower in reality is a bank associate for over 30 years, rigid banking requirements are replaced by a negotiating attitude, necessary to minimize the bank’s risk. Banks even tolerate other forms of obtaining income than an employment contract and clients with bad credit history.

Before going to the bank, you can easily assess your credit standing yourself.  If someone earns USD 2,000, they can count on a maximum installment of USD 1,000, of course, with very good forecasts and no other obligations. It is worth knowing that a good time to apply for a housing loan is the moment after signing the first preliminary agreements with the developer.

What are the formalities for a home loan?

What are the formalities for a home loan?

Credit formalities last from 1 to 3 weeks, so you should carry them out at several banks at the same time. When looking at banking offers, you can count on nice surprises, but you need to be very vigilant. Ask your credit counselor what are the components of interest repaid each month and calculate how much you lose when choosing the option of equal installments throughout the loan period (the option of decreasing installments is always better, because the capital is paid off faster, but not always real). It is worth hunting for promotions such as cancellation of commission on granting a housing loan, because you will save up to 2 percent of the loan value.

Home loan summary

Home loan summary

In general, the rule is this – because banks charge interest differently, assessing the financial condition of a candidate differently, the best loans are selected individually, after determining which aspect of the loan is best to emphasize. Some will enjoy a low interest rate, for others a very long loan period will be more important. A bank adviser can help you choose a good mortgage. It is a person who has all the competences and qualifications to answer all doubts related to this. The online application is available on our website.